Boardrooms are often the most important space within an office environment. Because of this, time is key meaning the solution has to be simple to use and resilient for minimal downtime.

Typically, boardrooms are often the largest available meeting space, which means the AV solution has to cater for various scenarios, whether it’s a simple presentation to key personnel, video conference calls or a company presentation to employees. It has to be user friendly for a range of people.

These rooms have to be aesthetically pleasing as well, so choosing the correct equipment is essential. ADV Communications can find a solution that will meet all your requirements technically and aesthetically. Please see an example equipment list below:

Boardroom Equipment:

Video Conferencing Equipment
Conferencing Phones
Large Format Display (Single or Dual)
Interactive Displays
Wireless Presentation
Audio Amplification
Additional Microphones Control System
Room Booking Systems

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