As an Independent re-seller of Video Conferencing equipment, ADV Communications are not restricted to the constraints that other suppliers will encounter. We are able to supply you with a wide range of conferencing equipment.

Using our vast experience, we can incorporate multiple devices from different suppliers to tailor a video conferencing solution that meets your requirements.

By using Polycom’s advanced video conferencing equipment we are able to provide you with the ability to host high-quality video calls from multiple locations; the world's first interactive video communications appliance for placing high-quality video calls right from a desktop or laptop computer (including tablets); the world's best-selling audioconferencing phones, full-duplex systems that minimize background echoes, word clipping distortion, broadband network access products such as Integrated Access Devices. Allowing you to hold easy-to-manage voice and video calls through an alternative and affordable service compared to the traditional telecommunication services.

Along with providing hardware, ADV Communications not only deliver you a tailored video conferencing solution, we also provide a specialist support service, which like our video conferencing solutions can also be tailored to fit your business and incorporated into your quote at an affordable price.

We look forward to hearing from you, get in contact with us.