Finance and leasing

Finance & Leasing
At ADV Communications we believe in providing you with all the tools you need to successfully implement your visual communications projects.

That is why we work closely with leading computer and IT leasing companies to offer finance and funding solutions to suit your individual situations.

Our packages are flexible in both products and services and we can provide advice and guidance by qualified and experienced finance specialists.

What are the benefits of using systems leasing options?

Trade In/Ups
Legacy or the requirement for uniformed manufacturers equipment are eligible for trade ins.

Avoid Obsolescence
By using ADV Communications, you will have an option included in your contract to add, replace or upgrade your equipment with potentially no increase in your rental cost.  This provides you with the peace of mind knowing that you can acquire further or enhance equipment as your requirements grow.

Reduce Impact on Cash
By financing equipment via the rental option, the cost of the equipment is spread over several years removing the need to make a large outlay as soon as the equipment is installed.  You get to acquire a system that meets your needs fully, rather than what your budget dictates.

Fixed Repayments
Unlike a normal bank facility, the repayments stated on a rental contract are fixed for the duration of the contract.  This enables you to precisely calculate future budgeted costs.

Additional Credit Facility
The rental agreement falls outside your existing lines of credit, leaving these available for other uses.

Finance the Whole Solution
We can include all intangible elements of a solution in the rental contract such as software, training and installation.  In certain instances we can also arrange software only finance. 

No Additional Security Required
The equipment is the only security needed for a rental contract.  Your collateral remains untouched.