Protect your Investment

As an efficient provider of support services in multiple sites around the world. ADV Communications provide equipment longevity in any Video Conferencing and Audio Visual systems, where the maintenance is required for a Large or a Small system. And being an independent reseller we are not restricted to what support we can provide, we will audit your requirements and design a bespoke maintenance packed to suit your specific needs and more importantly, your budget.

Our worldwide support will provide you with the confidence to use your current or new technological resource and tools to its fullest potential without the worry of your equipment failing to function for long periods of time.

We can offer response times as short as three hours, our onsite engineers are able to respond diligently, maximizing the usability of your equipment. We want you to take control of your new system and benefit from it fully.

As Video Conferencing and Audio Visual experts, we understand the intricacies of infrastructure and the complex languages that your systems use to communicate, meaning our support goes beyond just physical maintenance. Our dedicated programmers can repair your system remotely or be onsite the same day, meaning you will have a longer up-time for your Video Conferencing or Audio Visual systems, whilst avoiding the inconvenience of a robotic phone operator.

Our service isn’t just for the short term, being experts, we understand that modern conferencing and audio visual equipment is built to last, that’s why we offer up to 36months of cover in a single payment package, meaning you can relax and let us worry about your equipment and its maintenance needs, without the worry of whether your budget can cover it for another year.

We look forward to hearing from you, if you are looking for further information about our Equipment Protection Packages or just a general enquiry, please get in contact with us.