Installation and Training

ADV Communications deliver all goods to site and complete installation of the system to suit its location. Upon completion of the physical installation, testing of systems will take place to ensure they are working at optimum efficiency for the network speed, quality of camera and resolution of screens. When the systems are optimised. On-site training will be issued.

Unlike some companies ADV Communications do not restrict training sessions to a maximum number of attendees. ADV Communications believes that each videoconferencing system should have as many trained users as possible, so as to increase the usage and ultimately get the most from videoconferencing. In addition to this, ADV Communications do not restrict the length of these training sessions. Although most training sessions last up to an hour, sessions can be lengthened to ensure all participants in the training feel they can use the systems to a satisfactory level. Upon completion of training, handouts will be distributed along with CD-roms containing user guides for the systems.

In summary, training can be tailored to suit the users needs in terms of amount of participants, length of sessions and depth of technical information. ADV Communications have found in the past that it could be beneficial for a technical / IT contact at each site to have a more in depth advanced training session (upon request - cost to be confirmed). This can often help to have a contact on site that can assist with over the phone diagnostics to resolve issues quickly.