ADV Communications

ADV Communications

ADV Communications have an array of technology solutions available, enabling you to return to work, ensuring your workforce stays safe and productive.

Body Temperature Sensor ADV

ADVThermo – Body Temperature Sensor

ADVThermo is a non-contact, safe, and efficient way to monitor the body temperature of staff or visitors in your premises. The tablet can be deployed standalone or integrated with your access control system, with advanced features such as facial recognition and monitoring – if required.

We have an array of mounting solutions available, including the wall, floor, and desktop stands. These devices are being used to provide a safe working environment and prevent the spread of viruses.

Touchless Meeting Rooms

ADV Communication can assist with transforming your collaborative meeting spaces to “Touchless” solutions, automating your room control, and removing the need for “communal” control devices.

ADV Communications can also supply an array of wireless presentation solutions, mitigating the need for communal cable connections.

Touchless Meeting Rooms ADV
Remote Working ADV

Remote Working

As the world continues to work remotely away from the office, ADV has put together a package of Professionals working from home solutions.

This can range from a simple HD USB Camera with a separate Microphone/Speaker to a soundbar device with an inbuilt Camera, Microphone, and speakers with Microsoft Teams or Zoom inbuilt thus negating the need for the Laptop.

Covid-19 Safety Solutions

As companies realize “Business as Usual” has been lost, facility managers are scrambling to redesign their workspaces to safely bring their employees back into the office. In doing so, facility managers face the following issues:

Assigned Seating, Duty of Care for Employees, Social Distancing, Contact Tracing,  Workspace Cleaning.

Embrava  Desk Sign provides the organization a seamless and safe way in which to access the workspace usage of their organization so they can execute the correct actions to prevent the spread of COVID-19 if an outbreak were to occur within their offices.

Workspace Availability, Easily Find Employees, Workplace Analytics, Office Hoteling.

Covid 19 Safety Solutions ADV