ADV Communications 

customer satisfaction

“At ADV Communications our customer satisfaction and peace of mind is of the utmost importance, that is why we are committed to providing you with a personal and professional service, irrespective of size or location.”

ADV Remove Total Care

Total Care Remote

Designed for customers who have their own internal technical expertise to handle the majority of day-to-day support requirements and prefer to install replacement parts In-House, but require the peace of mind given by maintenance contracts. For these customers, Total Care Remote ensures cost protection for Hardware failure and provides software protection and access to a professional support service.

ADV Onsite

Total Care Onsite

Is designed to meet the service and support demands of customers who require onsite support for parts replacement by certified professional technicians trained to resolve issues quickly.   Total Care Onsite improves availability and return on investment for audio visual and video conferencing equipment and can act as an alternative to or augmentation of a customer’s internal technical support staff.

ADV Premier

Total Care Premier

ADV Communications flagship maintenance program is designed to maximize availability, end-user satisfaction, and return on investment by focusing on proactive support measures.  Total Care Premier builds on the services provided by Total Care Onsite, with proactive support achieved through the use of ADV Communications Remote Equipment Monitoring and system analysis.

ADV Ownership

Total Cost of Ownership

ADV Communications will work with you to put a package together so your ongoing costs are known and can be budgeted for, either with the original project, or a later stand-alone. Typically this can be planned for up to five years using our Total Care packages.