Open & Huddle Spaces

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Open And Huddle Spaces

As workplace design moves away from the traditional executive office layouts and more towards the open-plan, we are seeing an increasing variety of alternative work locations.

“Huddle spaces, standing desks, cafeterias, flexible furniture, sofas and breakout areas all give employees the choice to work in a space that best suits them or the task in hand but connectivity is paramount to making these solutions work. If you don’t have a charger for your device, a space that enables your technology or somewhere to write the ideas that emerge from mixing with people  away from your desk, your productivity will be impacted.”

Open And Huddle Spaces

So, if you are looking to create a more flexible working environment that supports different working activities, here are some of our ideas to create a technology-enabled workspace:

Open spaces in the workplace are perfect for collaborating with colleagues, so having technology that enables you to maximize those encounters is essential. Utilizing Polycom’s Acoustic Fence and Noise Block creating dedicated zones, huddle spaces and breakout points allows you to take the disruption and noise away from the working desks of the open-plan office and create activity-based working spaces where collaboration can flourish.

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