Project Deployment

ADV Communications

A successful project is dependent on a number of variables to be carefully aligned to permit a successful outcome. An experienced Project Manager is always used to ensure all the key factors are taken into consideration when a viable plan is established.

Audio, visual, video conferencing , Room booking systems and strategic information displays are normally the last components to be installed into a new building or office renovation. However, it needs to be one of the first considerations during the planning and design stages.

ADV Successful Projects

This includes:

  • Preparation of Method Statement and Risk Assessments
  • Ensuring engineering resources with the correct qualifications and experience are available as needed
  • Working closely with architects, consultants, and other contractors involved in the project to ensure correct installation and successful, timely completion
  • Careful planning to ensure the room services such as power and network are in place and at the correct location ahead of the planned installation
  • Ensuring all required hardware is delivered to the site ahead of the installation schedule
  • Detailed planning of testing and commissioning to ensure all equipment functions as planned
ADV Installations

Our installation teams have a wealth of experience within the industry, they can complete installations successfully, efficiently, neatly, and in a time-critical manner. They are trained to be safety conscious and operate as cleanly as possible to minimize the impact of dust and dirt in the environment.

The disruption to others in the building is minimized by planning noisy activities at times to suit, we understand that downtime is costly so we work very closely with you to ensure.

installations are completed within the planned timeframes.