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Training and Adoption

It is not enough to simply provide the equipment and tools needed – a successful project inevitably needs the new equipment to be adopted and employed by the end-users.

This process should start at the very beginning, with very careful consideration of the choice of solutions to offer a simple intuitive user interface. By being aware of how the users’ workflow operates and of their key objectives, we can ensure primary tasks are easily achievable.

However good the equipment is, it will not be beneficial if the users are reluctant to use it. We often hear the expression “Technofear”. Whereas some people are keen to adopt new technologies and solutions, others find it very intimidating.

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The solution is to train the users so they become familiar with the processes and comfortable with the technology. We strongly recommend that a specific training plan is put into place when deploying a major roll-out. Often this works best when there are two levels of training – standard users for those using the basic equipment functionality day today, and advanced users who would benefit from the more advanced features that may be offered.

There is also a strong case for a “train the trainer” session so there are people on-site who can train new members of staff as they join the business.

We include training sessions within our project deployment, and will work with yourselves to expand this to suit your specific needs.

Adoption is not only about getting users to work with the equipment; it is ensuring the benefits are understood and optimised. If the benefits include cost savings, then it is very worthwhile to document these in full. For example, when video conferencing is used the savings not only include the travel and accommodation costs, but also the travel time and lost productivity this represents. This information can then be used to evaluate the benefits of extending the projects to other areas. Evaluating your Return On Investments (ROI) going forward.